14 Nov 2011

What I'm Wearing; Shorts(that's a first!)

I genuinely cannot ever remember wearing shorts, there is a photo of me around aged 3 sporting a pair, but that's it, up ntil now that is. I've been eyeing up the culottes version I've been seeing over the Summer, but I didn't even feel brave enough to seriously entertain the idea. My recent weight loss (due to the never ending life altering detox) mixed with them being on sale meant that I tried on a pair....and shock horror I loved them so much I bought two pairs!!

Jacket: €3 from the Friday Flea Market at the Limerick Milk Market(yes I was wearing it in last weeks post too, I'm addicted to it ok!) 
Vest: A-Wear €4
Shorts: Pennies on sale for €5
Scarf: Claire's Accessories in one of their mental 5 items for €10 sales last year.
Hat: Hanora.K.Designs €35, it's super cozy felted marino wool, she sells them at the Milk Market every Saturday, I have 2 hats, 2 scarves and a cardigan from her, I love her work!
Shoes: The Shoe Rack on Cruises Street €10 which I then got gripped for €28(worth the extra money as it saves me a trip to A&E-I would have broken my neck after 5 minutes in them, they were so slippy)

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  1. Miss hotshot with your shorty shorts!! i'd wear that jacket everyday too

  2. thanks Ruby!! Yeah I need to get something a little warmer to be addicted to, I was wearing it again today and it was more than a tad chilly.
    I'm eyeing up some lovely coats in The Edge


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