17 Apr 2009

Photoshop Hell

This week I've been doing lots of design things rather than sewing. My boyfriend John has been working on a medival map of Limerick city for the Civic Trust for the past year and a half, and it's due in this week. Many months ago I convinced him not to collate his book by copying and pasting old style with glue, scissors and a photocopier. I said I would help him with photoshop and that it would be properly designed. A simple task of colouring in a map, developed into a 20-odd page booklet with illustration and an A1 size map. It was at this point that I realised he didn't know how to copy and paste, or even how to open a document in photoshop!! Eek. What followed was not an idylic scene of a young couple working from home together in bliss, chatting holding hands and drinking coffee. No it turned into a bickering mess. It's true when people say don't teach your other half to drive, it becomes a bit power struggle, and nobody learns anything. So many months later he has become fairly handy with the programme, although now and then he asks me shockinly simple questions, I think it must be just to annoy me. So for the past week he has been surgically attached to our lovely computer, while I sit in the background and answer questions every 5 minutes. We got there in the end but I must put my hand in the air and admit that we are not one of those couples that work well together.

Ps; I saw the most shocking style faux pas today, white velure tracksuit bottoms with an illuminous yellow thong popping out of the top. I would have taken a pic to show you all that it really happened but A) that's really creepy B) I do believe if I was caught the girl in question may have strangled me with said thong


  1. the trackie bottoms and thong combo sounds hot....:|

    ive got my interview for lsad on monday eeep...do you live in limerick or,,,??

  2. Well done congrats!!
    Yep I live city centre, about a 15 mins walk from the college. I'll be working on Monday(usually a split shift so I have a few hours in the afternoon), if you have any questions or need any help just email me at ruthcrean@yahoo.ie

  3. oh no no, i havent got a place! unfortunately! just preparing for the entrance interview! thats cool , thanks (: i went to the open day and loved the college and the city seems pretty fab too tho i didnt see much of it !x


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