20 Apr 2009

I'm MOO! happy

Yey my Moo cards arrived. If you have heard of these cute little darlings go check out their website.They are a London based print firm that deal with all you business card need. They are affordable and offer lots of uniquely tailored products. I heard once you catch the moo bug that's it, you're hooked, I now know why, they send you loads of discount vouchers for your next order. I must admit I'm a sucker for lovely packaging and design...check out what I opened up this morning. I'm a happy lady. I'll be usng these to distribute free badges, on the back of the card there are images of my clothes and on the front all of my details. I give them to people who are browsing at the stall, or I include them as a little gift with my online sales, and I give them out at a local music venue. It's cheaper than paying for ads in magazines and papers and I think it's far more effective.


  1. I love Moo! They are a great company - I got my Christmas Cards from them last year - I used photos of my tree from the previous year!!

  2. thanks!
    Great idea Maz, I was quite intrigued by their card services too. I may look again at their prices and I might make some christmas box sets this year.

    I ranted so much about moo my friend asked me to do some designs for her, the moo is catching beware

  3. my friend uses these for his flickr site. he leaves them on random tables in cafés, park benches, bus seats etc. such a clever idea really (:



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