27 Apr 2009

Tv or not Tv

Due to our recent move we do not have our tv reception sorted out, and to be honest I don't even know if there is any cable wired in. It's nealy a month that we are in our lovely abode and it's been nice not to have the reliable fallback of tv. I found I was watching way too much of it, even when there was nothing on I still watched it, it was a horrible time and energy sucker. I find I'm going to bed at a more normal hour now and waking up without a big grumpy head on me (this is quite helpful as we have 4 skylights in our bedroom so sleeping late is very difficult).

But let me clarify I'm not a complete saint who sits and listens to the wireless and does needle point by candle light. We do have a dvd player and I have been watching lots of films over the past 4 weeks. I somehow see this as less wasteful than sitting down and watching back to back 'house doctor' and 'property ladder' though. I'm really proud of John for sticking with it, he was a complete tv addict, but now he seems quite content not to have it, fingers crossed it will last. I had no tv for 3 years when I was in college so I didn't find it that much of a shock to the system. Our joint compulsion to hoard dvds has come in useful though and I've been rewatching all those films I've been saving for a rainy evening.Here are a few highlights

Keep The Aspidistra Flying
Howards End
The Land Girls
The Holy Grail
Conan The Barbarian

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  1. tv is such complete time suckage but I admit that I couldn't give it up completely. But the stupid thing is that I spend most of my time watching repeats of friends, scrubs and fraiser.

    Maybe movies are the way to go!

    Spent Sunday watching Tropic Thunder, Empire Records and Twilight... it was interesting!


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