27 Apr 2009

Radio Gaga

The other thing that I've been doing lots of recently, apart from watching lots of dvds, is listening to the radio. I have officially turned into my mother. I only like Larry Gogan and the Golden Hour, or alternative stuff that's played late at night that I always miss. Inbetween they play endless rubish, I don't like any of it. Is this my official ticket to being old that I don't like pop music? I like all the chitter chatter that's inbetween the songs just not all the insincere warbling they play. I'm also gonna put my hand in the air and admit that I don't get Lady Gaga. When I saw her image I was expecting something exciting and edgy, but no we just go another vacuous pop princess just in odd Knickers. Maybe I'm just too near getting a free bus pass to understand her...surely not I'm only 26!


  1. HAHA! I totally feel you.

    But, I must admit, that "just dance" song is pretty catchy. I mean when you hear it via ringtone commercial 20 times a day it just sticks with ya.

    Oh wait, no tv, you're safe. :P

  2. I couldn't agree more, did you see her on Jonathon Ross a few weeks ago. Vacuous is a great word to describe her!


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