11 Apr 2009

Hungover with room with a view

After the traditional Good Friday party I'm feeling a little worse for wear today. My delicate condition was helped a little by rewatching one of my favorite films A Room With a View, I don't really know why I love it so much. It's adapted from a fantastic book which I read at the formative age of 17, I think the theme of the transformation of a young woman really stuck with me. Also the fact that it has the beautiful Julian Sands really helps too, a strangely wooden actor, but a joy to look at.
Anyhow this was a brief treat as I start into a long night of sewing in preperation for tomorrow's market. All I've managed to do was to get 5 mens t-shrits made, if I don't sell them the I will have photos of them for you guys sometime this week. This evening I will try to make a few recession busting t-shirts for the ladies. There will be huge amounts of people in the city tomorrow due to the Heineken Cup match being played in Thomond, and that crowd will have the budget of cheap and cheerful. I think I'll focus on making lots of red clothes, for the fashion conscious ladies wanting to wear the Munster colours. Wish me luck it's gonna be a long night....

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