5 Apr 2009

Domestic Heaven

At long last we are in the house. The big move happened on Wednesday, although as you can see we still have some up packing to do. The last two photos are of my studio, which is slowly forming as I excavate the masses of boxes. It's actually much bigger than it looks, but it was hard to manouver in such a cluttered space. I'm delighted with how the living space has turned out, open plan living is wonderful(albeit a little chilly), myself and John are able to spend much more time together as the computer, tv and eating space all merge as one. The three main highlghts so far have been 1;the first night in the house, when I was lying in bed I felt like I was in a posh hotel 2; waking up on Friday when all of downstairs was unpacked and nearly have to pinch myself to check I wasn't dreaming, I couldn't quite believe I live here 3; unpacking my sewing machine and placing it in the new studio, my heart skipped a beat with excitement.

I feel very warm and fuzzy on the inside, I now understand domestic pride.


  1. You lucky thing, it looks amazing. I love the stone wall

  2. Aw congrats. It's lovely, I kinda want that barbers pole and I don't know why!

  3. Thanks guys!
    Fresh prince- it's my boyfriends, he has had it for years, he picked it up ages ago in Galway, he has been offered lots of money for it but is quite attached to it at this point so has always declined. I love it too, thankfuly as it has now taken pride of place in the house

  4. I was just going to say I love the barber's pole too, it's deadly! Gorgeous place too!

  5. Hey Ruth, I LOVE your new house. Its really nice. How nice to have to pinch yourself about where you live!! :)


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