9 Jan 2010

Green Travelling

I'm sure I've mentioned before that we don't have a car. We transport everything to the market on a trolly, it's quite an ingenius idea of John's. In this picture you are looking at 2 flat pack tables, 2 display boards, 1 rotating card rail, and 1 bag of stock. We also carry on our backs to more bags of stock, and that's all the gear for the market!! I can't afford a car at the moment, and I can't drive(which I swear I will remedy this year!!), so this is the perfect solution.....and it's much better for the environment too.


  1. you're kidding me!?! - how on earth did you get out to the farmers market in UL? :)

  2. No rebecca we only use that for the local markets, I have a taxi driver that brings us out to UL....I'm not that crazy!!

  3. hehe i can just imagine you now trecking acrossing limerick with bags of buttons pinned to ya:P


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