22 Aug 2010

Getting Ready For Halloween

I've been working on some Halloween designs for badges/magnets/bottle openers. I figure I'll make the badges into party packs so people can give them out as treats at their door instead of sweets. Also if you were having an adults Halloween party a pack of the beer bottle openers would be fun things to give out to your guests. I simply did some pencil sketches, scanned them in, cleaned them up a bit and coloured them on photoshop. I find it much easier to work from a pencil drawing, as starting a piece on the graphic pad never has the same sense of strenght in the drawing.
I'm a huge fan of Halloween and I love making my costume every year, it's not such a big thing here in Ireland but it's massive in the US so hopefully these pack do well online. Here is a sneaky peek at my designs so far...I'm open to suggestions for more ghoulish images...


  1. Wow these look great Ruth! I love the idea of giving them out instead of sweets. And the bottle openers - brilliant!!! All your illustrations are amazing.
    Must get going on my costume too. I usually have it started by now but this year I'm torn between two ideas.

  2. I loooooooove Halloween! Can't wait to get started on my costume!

  3. Oh do tell Beth, the pics I saw of your other costumes were great!

    I'm tempted by the Corpse Bride this year. It's hard to beat Marie Antoinette from last year.

  4. Your Marie Antoinette costume was AMAZING Ruth! It blew me away when I saw the pics. So I'm pretty sure you could do a fantastic Corpse Bride too!

    I'm choosing between the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp style, scary yellow contacts 'n all) or the Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra... I'm torn because the Hatter would be scarier but Cleopatra is (obviously) more feminine and I'm already dressing as a man for a murder mystery the week before Halloween.

    Your thoughts?


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