16 Aug 2010

Printed Bags

Our house has turned into a print sweat shop this week as we were printing up paper bags for Roisins Boutique in Inistioge. I got the custom made stamp from jlmould on Etsy for only $40, which is a total bargain considering how much money it has saved for making bags. I had initially researched getting bags printed and the cost was astronomical, so this seemed like a really good alternative. But be warned it's pretty labour intensive if you decide to do it yourself. On Friday night when I was printing them by myself it took about an hour and a half to do 50. I then remembered what we used to do it college, to get a second person to remove the printed bag, place it somewhere safe to dry and replace with a fresh bag. This meant I was free to re-ink the roller and stamp. John thought this was a stupid idea when we started but it really saved time as we got 150 in just over an hour.Go Team!
We have another 200 left to do but we'll get it done in no time if we do it together. I'll also be printing my own bags later in the week, I think they'll look really cute at the market.

Ps: as you can see my computer is fixed, but UPC is still acting up so I may be sporadic in my post for the next while.


  1. Wow the bags look great Ruth :)
    Well done to you and John, go Team NiceDay!

  2. Ugh I wish my boyfriend was as helpful!!! :(

  3. Well Done Ruth (and John), Great job. Roisin will be really pleased.I got bags printed for my shop last year and they were so expensive.Hopefully Roisin will keep selling loads of your creations and mine and keep filling the bags!!!Andrea

  4. Woah, great idea about the stamp. And yes, some work is better shared...

    Hope those bags will be carried home by happy shoppers soon!

  5. They look amazing! Love the white ink. Great project. G

  6. Rebecca-I'm sure Rob is helpful sometimes!

    Thanks everyone! Yep I'm really pleased with how they turned out!

  7. so cool!You two have made a great (and lovely) job!!!


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