2 Aug 2010

Milk Market Round Up

I have returned after my four days running at the Milk Market. I have lots of pictures to show you of the Thursday Artisan Fair, but I haven't had a chance to edit them yet, I'll have more on that later in the week. I was trading on Friday, which to be honest was a very quiet long day with lots of traders packing up early due to their being no customers whatsoever. I think this was mostly due to the it being the August bank holiday weekend,the most popular day of the year when people take off on a Friday and head towards the coast for sunshine and ice-cream. But even though it was an entirely uneventful day I got some amazing news, the asked me to fill in a vacant space at the Saturday Milk Market.
To those of you who have never been at the Saturday Market let me tell you it's a whole different beast. It is packed full with traders selling the best fresh produce in the country, and they have a religious following as every week the footfall is in the thousands. You can buy fresh fish, organic meat, olives, locally made cheese, organic veg, homemade jams and cakes, and delicious ready to eat food. There is a small amount of craft to, and luckily I was one of those stall this week. It was such a treat to trade there, and I could barely sleep the night before with the excitement, I very uncharacteristically bounded out of the bed at six in the morning. It was wonderful to have a stream of people browsing and chatting,and also lots of customers. Days like that fly by, so when 3pm rolled around I was tired but really happy with how the day had gone. The space will be vacant again next week so I've been asked to fill in again, so if you are about the city do pop down. I'll enjoy it while it lasts and try to make the most of it to promote that I'm there on Friday and Sunday. It's incredibly difficult to get a spot at this market, so I'm thrilled to be given the opportunity to sell there even for a couple of days.
My week was rounded off on Sunday, with a quieter day, but lovely nonetheless. As the weeks go by I'm starting to feel like the Milk Market is a home away from home, but how bad is that when there is such yummy food to be had, and great people to chat to all day.

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