10 Aug 2010

Sick Computer

Just in case you all thought that nasty flu had actually killed me I thought I would pop into my blog and fill you all in. Yes I did feel like I was dying, but I'm mostly over it now, just lots of coughing and sniffles, but at least no achy pains anymore.

But sadly my computer is dead at the moment, while being bold and downloading some illegal software I got a really nasty malware virus, which has spent a couple of weeks nibbling away at my lovely pc. At the moment it chugging and spluttering so it needs to take a visit to the doctor, that means no internet for me for a few days. I'll be closing both of my Etsy shops, and leaving my blog to gather a light covering of dust. It's strange how quickly I've gotten used to having really fast internet at home, maybe the break away from it will do me good. It will give me more time to catch up on my attempts at cleaning the studio. I also need to get some new stock made as these 3 days a week at the market are really eating away at my stockpile of goodies for the stall.

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