3 Aug 2010

Best 50 Quid I've Spent in Ages

There are always a million things to remember to bring when I'm doing markets but one of the most important is business cards. It's a a way of opening a dialogue with people and it's a window to future business with browsers. Lots of people come to markets with just a few quid in their pocket to buys some cake and nice cheese. These days people are taking a longer time to think about making a larger purchase, and at the moment that's anything over a tenner.
I recently switched from business cards to flyers as they can hold much more information. I can also fit on images of my work, the range of items that I sell, and all of my website addresses. One might be tempted to think that they are much more expensive than cards but I got an amazing deal last week. I got 500 flyers for only 50 euro, which is fantastic value. I got them locally in Limerick at Justin Herberts. They have a really friendly service and they are quick and helpful. I usually email on my digital file and collect my flyers a couple of hours later. I changed my design after getting them reprinted for this weeks markets and I also included the times of the market, which is an invaluable detail considering it's new opening times.
I got 500 printed thinking it would last me a month or so, but it was so busy over the weekend I'd say I've given out 250 of them already!! I include them in the bag with each of my sales, and I also hand them to interested browsers. It's such a simple and easy marketing tool, and I'm so glad I went to the extra effort.

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  1. 50 quid sounds like a great deal and you have the satisfation of shopping local too.


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