6 Aug 2010

New Fabric to Brighten my Gloomy Day

I woke up this morning feeling really rotten, my mini cold had transformed into an energy sapping beast. But sometimes you have to just suck it up and keep working, that's the joy of being self employed nobody is going to pay me sick pay. So I shuffled down to the market looking like a member on the undead.
Something that did brighten up my morning was this delivery from Seam Star, I got this beautiful fabric and lots of lovely polka dot ribbon. I stumbled upon them the other day through a facebook link. I totally fell in love with their fabrics and I couldn't leave the site without buying something.
I'm going to retire now to the sofa and nurse my aching bones and sporadic sniffles.


  1. oh no, I hope you feel better soon Ruth

  2. That such a great website! i love the teapot one! cant wait to see what you make with that:)

    Ps. hope you get better soon!

  3. Hope you're much better by now Ruth!
    Looking forward to seeing what you'll make with these beauties :)

  4. Thanks ladies!!
    I'm feeling much better now,I'm definitely on the mend, and looking forward to my day off work tomorrow.
    I'd say it will be a knitting needle case but I'll def post pictures when I make it.


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