26 Jan 2011

Being Human

It's been a couple of weeks since I've gone full time at Nice Day Designs and the benefits are wonderful. Yes I am a little scared when bills pop through my letter box, or when I have to go buy supplies, but that is mostly due to it being a very quiet time of year for all retail, and I'm no exception.
The two major things I have really loved are being able to work at my own pace and not always having to catch up, and also feeling like a human being again.

Work: As my regular readers might have noticed there has been an upsurge in posts, new products, and I've started listing in my Etsy shop again. I've found the fun in my work again, not that I had entirely lost it, but there was always an endless unfinished list, and a rush to get things finished-not what I had in mind when I wanted to work for myself.

Being Myself: It's so nice having a social life again, if someone asks me to go for a pint I can go, guilt free and not be thinking about the mounting work at home. I'm also not frazzled when I'm out, I found that when I met up with friends and family previously I had a glazed exhausted expression on my face, I suppose that's what an 80 hour week for a few years will do to you. Now that I'm actually engaging with my friends again I feel really lucky that they stuck it out, and are still here. I'm sure zombie Ruth wasn't much fun. I'm also doing things like cleaning my house, washing laundry, cooking lovely dinners, watering my plants, hanging up artwork I've had in boxes for years and watching films, and reading books. I only worked 20 hours in Luigi Malones but I think it pushed me into a constant state of exhaustion, that made it impossible to feel like myself.

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