17 Jan 2011

Eye Candy

Look what my amazing postman just brought me!! Wonderful delicious stamps, I can't wait to get crafty with these gorgeous letter stamps.
I'm always so excited when the postman arrives with my internet purchases, in my head I'd like to think he looks like this beautiful man to complete my ideal picture of a guy who gives me crafty supplies and looks divine. Enjoy my unashamed eye candy, I know I am!


  1. Oh my goodness Ruth- Pretty craft goodies AND delicious werewolf Alcide!!! You have just brightened my otherwise ill and unpleasant day. Thanks! Looking forward to see what you make with those stamps :)

  2. he is made of yum! nice candy Ruth

  3. Mags I was inspired by your beautiful man posts and this was my crafty version of it, not too subtle tho, but it might be a regular feature

    Beth-glad to help,I was gonna put in Erik instead but he not as impressive in photos as he is in the show. Normally I'm not a fan of big muscley men, but I think true blood converted me

  4. I think it converted me too!
    Glad you said Erik and not Bill btw.
    ...Mmmm Erik...


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