27 Jan 2011

Attempts at Tidying

I got an email about a possible magazine feature, but it's all as yet unconfirmed so I've to keep shtum about it for the time being. In the mean time I've been cleaning my house like a maniac in preparation for the photos. I'm not the tidiest person in the world, and even my previous attempts at taming the beast of my studio have been so-so at best, not exactly photogenic. I've completed downstairs with the exception of my tiny kitchen.Over the past few days I've been attempting to tame the beast that is my studio bedroom. As you may remember from this post, I had to move my bedroom into my work space. It's been workable but a bit of a nightmare.

This week I bought lots of storage boxes, this great one with little compartments was only €2 in Easons and it's perfect for all my threads. I also got these lovely little baskets in a pound shop for some of my personal use buttons ( the ones I have for sale are sorted into a set of drawers), they were €4 a pop, but I think the add some character to the bland shelves.

I groan when I look at inspiring craft studios like these. But I'll show you the fruits of my labour next week when it's all done, and before it gets messy again!


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