30 Jan 2011

The Great Jam Adventure

Good morning all. Just a quick post today to show you my yummy breakfast, it may just look like tea and toast but there is a twist. I'm really into trying new foods lately or making myself eat things that I thought I hated, like mushrooms. When I was at The Green Apron stall looking for some jam the temptation was to go for regular run of the mill strawberry jam, instead my adventurous brain kicked me in the ass and told me to try something different. Crabapple Jelly was my tipple of choice and it's delicious, if you are in the Milk Market on Saturday you must pop by and pick some up. It's sweet but has a great bite to it, and goes really well with brown bread or scones. Say hi to Theresa if you do go to the stall, she is lovely.

So onwards and upwards for my culinary forays into the unknown!


  1. I love Apple Jelly, good choice Ruth

  2. Oooo that sounds nice!

    And awh, thanks so much for nominating me! I'm also hoping to make it to the IBAs...I couldn't go last year, but I'm determined not to miss out this time!

  3. Thanks Mags, my tummy thanks me every time I eat it.

    Hermia-Yeah it would be good to meet up with yourself and lots of other style, craft, and fashion bloggers.


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