10 Jan 2011

Losing My Job

My return post after all the Christmas madness was meant to be cheery and relaxed after my much deserved time of R&R but sadly it's not going to be. On Friday I was made redundant from my part time job as a waitress in Luigi Malone's. I had been planning on leaving in around March or April and go full time at Nice Day Designs so my brain was geared towards finnishing anyhow. But I certainly would not have left now during my quietest sales months. To be honest it's been quite a shock to the system and I took the weekend to mooch about the house, watch movies and allow myself some down time.
It's now Monday and I've been to the Citizens Information centre and things are not looking as bleak as I had initially thought. These next few months will be very tough financially but I'm going to choose to see this in a good light. Now I have the time to throw myself into this business 150%. I'm already making plans for a few changes to my stall at the Milk Market to freshen things up a bit for the new year. Also I plan to get my two Etsy shops back in order, with all the markets over Christmas I let things slip a bit. I also want to get back to blogging regularly too, as I've really missed it over these past few months. I have orders to complete for the shop in Kilkenny so that should boost my income a bit too.
I'll miss the structure that the work gave to my week, I'll miss the really genuinely lovely people I worked with, and also I'll definitely miss the very delicious food. I won't miss being a waitress, working for someone else was really starting to wear me down over the past few months, I was finding it harder and harder every week to switch from self employed mode to answering to a manager and demanding customers. It's a step I've needed to made for a while, and sometimes life has a way of throwing you onto the path you need to follow.

Ps: funnily enough I did actually get a plant when I was leaving, it wan't in a cardboard box and I wasn't wearing a pink snazzy suit and heels but the cliche image didn't fail to amuse me.


  1. So sorry to hear about the unexpected redundancy, Ruth!
    But, I feel this will definitely be a blessing in disguise for you.
    I'm excited to see how you get on! Best of luck to you! :)

  2. so sorry to hear that but let's hope it's one of those blessings in disguise and as that door closes another one will open and lead to brilliant things :O)

  3. Ugh, that's not good, but as long as you can pay the bills, at least for a while, you'll get by - it's amazing on how little one can live...(baked beans are a nice winter warmer, they really are!)

    However, this could be an opportunity for better things, and you never know, something might just be around the corner!

  4. This will motivate you to succeed in your own business! I'm in the process of the same kind of thing so I know how you feel!

  5. Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments, I really feel like this is a positive thing.
    But yes Purls I think beans may be on the menu a lot more than they have been :)


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