18 Jan 2011

New Shrinky Dink Earrings

You may remember from this post when I first fell in love with Shrinkles(shrinky dinks) and I've been meaning to do more interesting things with them. Last week I got a few earring hooks off a friend and experimented with making some illustration jewellery. I only had a few earring hooks so I've ordered more from these lovely people and hopefully they arrive pretty soon.

Design template.

The shrinkle drawings before they were put in the oven.

In the meantime I've made a bunch of new designs, the hard part is thinking up new pictures, but I'm having loads of fun drawing them. I've decided to keep a design dairy, with the template for the image, so that if I sell a pair I can repeat the design easily enough. This will mostly come into play when I'm selling them on Etsy, as I means I don't have to take new shots and write new descriptions; if they sell, I'll just relist them.

I've also ordered some ball chains so I can make some pendants too, which will be fun as I can do larger images and maybe link some together. I didn't really mean to start making jewellery ,but I love trying out new things and I also wanted to use the shrinkles for something that I could charge a little bit more money for. I was only charging €4 for the handmade cards and it really wasn't worth my while making them. Whereas I'm charging €10 for a pair of earrings, which I think is still very reasonable since they are hand drawn.


  1. Hi Ruth - these are fab - I thought of you the other evening while watching 'Raising Hope' on tv. The guy in it used shrinky dinks to make little people for a baby mobile:)

  2. I love these! Very cute, and your drawings are fab Ruth. If you happen to make a shrinkydink pendant of a pair of cherries, I bags it!!!

  3. Thanks a million ladies!
    Cuada- wow a mobile sounds like such a nice idea!

    How funny Beth, I just drew out a cherry design the other night, I'll let you know as soon as my supplies arrive


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