11 Jan 2011

Button Rings

Part of my whole plan to deal with being made redundant this week is to start listing more of my crafts in my Etsy shops. At my stall I sell lots of little bit and bobs that I never list in my shops like pincushion rings, button rings, pincushion button jars, cards etc. I suppose I've been so busy I found it hard to make time to take photos and write descriptions etc. But now I have more time and it seems like a good idea to actually show the full range of things that I make.

With that in mind I made up some new adjustable button rings last night, and got up bringht and early to photograph them. I struggle a bit with how I should capture them, so I had a browse through Etsy to see with how people photographed rings. A surprising majority don't show them on a hand, but this is not an option for mine as they are elasticated, and they look far better when worn.

I don't think I have ideal hands for modelling but i didn't have much choice, so I slapped on a bit of distracting red nail polish and hoped for the best. I chose the retro looking polka dot blue material for my background and got clicking.
The rings are all hand stitched together, and made from my vintage collection of buttons. At only €5 a pop they are a cheap and cheerful accessory that won't break the bank. Hopefully they are as popular online as they have been at my stall.I will be listing lots of them over the coming weeks but at the moment you can browse my rings here.

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