12 Jan 2012

Bazaar Tales at the Milk Market

I will be back at the Milk Market tomorrow but I'm gonna to take a little break from selling crafts for the first two months of this year. I learned from my experiences last year that in the first few months people don't spend a penny on crafts, my sales for this period in 2011 were disastrous. So in an effort to evolve with the situation, rather than beating my head against a brick wall and expecting a different result, I will be selling second hand books instead. Some of you might have seen in the latter half of last year I gave this a try, I was encouraged by the results and I'm excited to push it more over the coming months.

The name for this business venture is Bazaar Tales, and you can find the facebook page here. New arrivals will be posted each week on the page, along with book nerdy links to fun stuff on the internet and sporadic Word of The Day entries too. The stall is organised by genre,and usually there is about 600 books for your browsing pleasure. The lovely thing about selling books is that there is less 'selling' involved, you don't really have to chat to people too much, you just leave them to nose through and if they want to buy something they so so, there isn't really a sales pitch, which is very different from what I'm used to.

I'm really happy with this short change as it will give me more of a chance to build up new stock, without the pressure of not making money. If you are looking to buy any of my craft work then just pop over to Nice Day Designs or Nice Day Supplies, with all this spare time that I will have I'll be listing much more of my items that I had before. Within a few weeks I hope to have my full range of brooches, necklaces and earrings listed as well as expanding my supplies shop too.

Ps: Anyone who is into Sci-Fi and Fantasy we have an amazing selection at the moment, we got a massive delivery just before xmas.

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