18 Jan 2012

Changes in My Etsy Shops

StoreyShop Laser Cut Card
I had to make a tough decision with my Etsy shops the other day about my shipping prices. On most of my items I had free shipping or very minimal costs, in an effort to encourage more international sales, this was somewhat cost effective until recently. I send out my orders in little brown bubble wrap envelopes, which to my mind are only small. But at the post office recently the lady behind the counter has started charging me for a small parcel instead on an envelope. She guiltily mentioned this change, and I understand her position that she has to go by the rules. The jump in prices is pretty huge though, it had been €0.85 to send a badge or small bag of buttons internationally, now because she deems it a parcel not an envelope it it €2.70! I know before I was getting away with it fairly lightly, because whenever I went to any other post office I always had to pay for a parcel.

So you can see why some decisions had to me made, most of my items are fairly low cost, and any possible profits were being gobbled up in this shift in expenses. For example the other day I dropped off a few orders, I'd say with a total sales of €20, but the shipping cost me €12.50, it was after this happened that I knew I had to do a major shipping price overhaul in both my shops. Now my prices are:

Ireland €1.00 (Secondary Shipping Cost €0.00)
United Kingdom €1.50 (Secondary Shipping Cost €0.00)
European Union €2.00 (Secondary Shipping Cost €0.00)
International €2.50 (Secondary Shipping Cost €0.00)
TerranceandPhillip Thank You Cards

So to buy just one item if you are living outside of Europe it a bit more expensive, but I have kept the secondary shipping cost at €0.00 to encourage people to buy a few items. I brought down the prices of my mirrors and badges, in an effort to balance this out. When I looked at the rest of etsy most mirrors were cheaper than mine. I had kept the same price from when I ordered my mirrors rather than making them myself, which is more economical for me. Now my mirrors are €4 or 3 for €10, and the badges are €2.50 or 3 for €6.

Making all these changes has been incredibly time consuming, I've had to individually edit each of my 140 listings, and while I was at it I tweaked some tags and item descriptions, a bit of a listing Spring cleaning so to speak. I've also made sure that all my badges are linked to the mirror versions and visa versa, and also giving links to the wholesale special offers. I haven't even started on my supplies shop yet, but this will be tackled over the next few days.

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