1 Jan 2012

New Years Resolutions

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Last year I wrote this blog post for the Etsy Ireland Team laying out my resolutions for the 2011:
Take a holiday: I failed on that one, but I've heard of a couple of different house sitting opportunities so we might just avail of that instead, which is handy as it won't break the bank.

Plant things in the garden: I can't take the credit for this, but I do have herb plant pots in my garden now, thanks to my green fingered mother. I also have some nice house plants that Cecily left behind....that reminds me I should really water them!

Socialise more: This one was a mixed bag this year, I made a good effort to catch up with friends at the start of the year, but then I gave up drink for 6 months which made going out pretty tough. There are only so many glasses of sparkling water and herbal tea I could take, most of my friends are party people so it made things kinda tricky for a while. Actually that whole period really made me understand who my real friends are. I discovered some people are really freaked out by being with a sober person in a pub, I have a whole new respect for my t-total friends.
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Get organised: I did eventually get this in order, I sorted out my studio and did my accounts for the year, a painful process but it needed to be done.

Stay tidy: I managed to keep this up for quite a while after Cecily moved out but the past month has been a disaster zone, and this last week I've succumbed to chronic laziness(could also be exhaustion from crazy amount of work over xmas). But I'm getting stuck into it this week, the terrifying/sprawling pile of laundry will be tackled. I think I'll also do a clear out of my wardrobe, I have lots of clothes that are too big for me(yey!) and I need to organise it all a lot better.
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So for the year ahead I plan to keep up my new healthy lifestyle, it's been really nice feeling healthier and fitter and I don't want that to stop. I also really need to get my eyes tested, I've been putting it off for ages, but maybe by writing it down here it might make me do it. I want to keep trying to find a better work life balance, I got a lot better at it this year, but I need to stay on top of it. I want to make the house look prettier, maybe make some cushions and blankets. Having Cecily live in the house taught me that it's nice to have girly things around, I'm sure I can find some inspiration on Pinterest.

So what are your New Years resolutions?

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