4 Jan 2012

Some Early Spring Cleaning

I did a pretty big clear out of my room today, I spent hours going through clothes and deciding what to keep. Part of me hates doing this kind of thing because I'm highly allergic to dust, and something in the fibers of clothes too, it makes me sneeze, wheeze and the inside of my face drives me insane with itchiness. But it had to be done so I persisted. I separated them into 'keep', charity', 'upcycle' and 'barbootsale' piles. The 'Barbootsale' is an ongoing flea market type event at which people sell their stuff, I plan to take a stand at the next one and sell some clothes,jewellery,books, and dvds, it's a great way of making space while earning a few extra quid. I also went through the dvd collection last night and picked out about 20 dvds that I wouldn't mind selling. I think nearer the date of the event I'll photograph everything so I can promote it here and on facebook to build up a bit of enthusiasm. I'm sure of lots of bric-a-brac too that I can add to the stash.

My plan of action this morning was to go through my wardrobe while just wearing underwear and try on every item of clothing to see if it was too big. If it fit I had to be honest with myself, had worn it in the last year, and was I likely to wear it again in the coming year. This system made it easier to part with some random odds and ends that I had been hanging onto. There were a few dresses I let pass by these rules as they were too cool to part with. I don't have a lot of space for my clothes and since I dropped a size this year I found I was only wearing a small percentage of what was in my wardrobe. There were too many clothes crammed into a tiny space, so i didn't even know what was there, now I can see what i have, and I don't have entire sections that I'm ignoring cos they don't fit anymore. Also I discovered that I have an insane amount of dresses and skirts, and maybe a total of 5 pairs of trousers.

I'm still not finished this mammoth task, a particularly mental fit of sneezing drove me out of the room in search of real air. But I hope to finish it my the end of the day. I think I'll leave jewellery till tomorrow, most of it is in a tangled lump, and I need to make some sort of display/system. I found this cool shadow box idea on Lakota's blog(a very cool thrifty blogger) and I think it might be the solution to my storage problems.   Pin It

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