31 Jan 2012

What I'm wearing: A Vintage Dress

I've been rather sick with a horrid stomach bug for about a week, so cabin fever led me to do things like tidy the house, scrub my bathroom, dye my hair and paint my nails...it's amazing what boredom will lead a person to!
I've had this dress for over a year and I've never worn it, part of me loved it, but the other half thought it was a bizarre hybrid of something my mother wore in the 80's and a Star Trek(natives from a peaceful and earthy planet)dress. But I tried it on again recently and realised that the side that loved it won out and and that I would wear it soon. So this is it's first airing!
Dress: In a bag of vintage dresses that I got for free from a friend of a friend...for free!
Belt: Came free with this blue top I got in A-Wear, it's awful with the top, but nice with this dress.
Boots: A charity shop €10

Wow that's an incredibly cheap outfit!

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  1. Ruth, ya big babe!!! You are seriously rocking that dress!!, the lovely hair, skinny hips and overall slick look! You got it going on girlfriend!! I'm tempted....only tempted mind you to try a what I wore today post! :)

  2. Wow! The vintage dress is fab (I love the 80s/Star Trek description by the way) but it's not just that Ruth, you're looking FANTASTIC! x

  3. Thanks very much ladies! I love this dress and wear it all the time.


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