9 Jan 2012

Thank You Notes

I tried taking the past couple of weeks off to recover from the madness of Christmas. But I have started to reach the point that boredom has set in and I really want to get back to work. That sounds like such a self indulgent thing to moan about but I find it genuinely hard to sit down and do nothing since 90% of my time I'm making/selling/sorting something. Since I got back to Limerick I've really tried to force myself to do nothing, and take time to chill out. This is easier to do when there are friends around, but on Friday evening I found myself at a bit of a lose end and within an hour I was in the studio tidying up after my hectic Christmas. After a little Spring cleaning i noticed that I didn't have any online sale thank you cards prepped, before I knew it the blank cards and scissors were out of their boxes.

You may remember this thank you card tutorial I did earlier in the year. I tweaked the design a little using blue ink instead of red, which matches my logo better. I also added some 'stitching' around the edge to bring in more blue, it's easily done with a pen. I used a bird stamp instead of the scissors one just to change it up a little too. In the end I got 50 notecards made, which should keep me going for a little while. It was so nice to be back in the studio again, I think I'll ease myself slowly back into things this week(although I have an exciting/distracting new toy arriving in the post soon which I'll tell you all about later!)

PS: If you are looking for more How-To's I compiled a whole list of them here for your perusing pleasure!
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