11 Jan 2012

What I'm Wearing: Peppermint

Over this Christmas I went a little mad making peppermint colour themed cards and I totally fell in love with the white,red, and sky blue combination. This outfit is my take on this smashing mix of colours, just minus the white. Last week I went through town looking at what was left in the sales, I got my lovely brown dress and also this cute red skirt. While I was clearing out my wardrobe I placed this blue top beside my new purchase by chance and I fell in love with the mad colour combo.
The only part I'm not mad about is the black leggings, I would have worn my red tights if they were clean. The top is a little strange as it's basically a circle with a hole for my head and holes for a belt, but the arms are still attached to the body, I know it's probably a bit booby and not flattering but I still love it.

Boots: Red Docs from, Schuh, €110
Black leggings €?
Skirt: Pink and orange skirt, Oasis, €12
Top: long sleeved cardigan, Dunnes, €3
Top: bat wing style top, Awear, €8
Belt: elasticated red belt, Pennies, €4

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  1. Love the belt! (And the book collection!)

  2. Thanks, it's really versatile I wear it with everything, it cinches in but it's still comfortable.
    Oh that's only a tiny part of the book collection, at this stage I think they are breeding while my back it turned

  3. Love the waspi belt, it really works!


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