7 Feb 2012

I've Been Busy With Some Buttons

I've been buried in buttons over the past few days. I'm trying to build up lots of stock for the new co-op craft shop that we will be opening next month. It will a crazy balancing act trying to get things up and running, to get stock made, and to keep my market stall going all at the same time. But I have had to be Superwoman in the past before and I can do it again, I'm too excited about all this to give anything less that 110%.

Button Rings matched up and ready to be assembled

Button hair clips...I like when the postman brings me new supplies to play with

Button wine glass charms.....do you like my packaging?

I have thousands of buttons in my studio, I sell some but mostly I like making stuff with them. It gives me an excuse to take out my 'good button' boxes and sort/play with them. Finding the right colour in the right size is the main challenge to making work with buttons. It reminds me of playing with my box of Lego when I was a child, I never seemed to have a 'four piece' in the right colour, or if it was it was a flat instead of a brick. I'm pretty lucky that part of my grown up job reminds me of playing with Lego, sitting at a desk 40 hours a week certainly wouldn't bring back such fond memories.

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  1. I love spreading all my buttons out on a workspace and hand-picking the best colour combinations. Definitely my favourite crafty thing to do. It feels so therapeutic! I'm jealous now because I haven't had time to do this in ages. Looks like fun :)

  2. Button heaven. Loving the hairclips, I've never seen that before, makes a lovely change from the mass produced, I can see little girls harasssing their mothers for them!

  3. Oh what fun! and the packaging is great too! Did you never play 'school' with your Granny's / Mom's button box? We used to argue as to which was the crossest button for the teacher!!

    Sad, sad, I know!!


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