8 Feb 2012

'Jars' of Vintage Buttons

I've been busy with some buttons again. I've have endless boxes, jars, and baskets of odd buttons that don't match, I use them in lots of my projects but unless I intend on living 'til I'm 200 I don't think I'll ever get through them all. So I've decided to package them nicely and sell them. I used to sell odds and ends of buttons in plastic zip lock bags at my stall, but I think it took the tactile nature away from them. I wanted to show them off properly, and appeal to people who are mad about buttons.

I saw someone online had displayed their buttons on a card that looked like a jar and really like the idea. I stumbled upon this free printable of jars, and knew it was exactly what I was looking for. I printed it out and scanned it in again so I could work on the file in photoshop so that I could add my web address at the bottom. It's kind of time consuming sewing them all onto the card, as compared with popping them in a bag, but I think the difference is massive and it's worth the extra work. I'll be selling these in my supplies shop soon, when I get around to photographing and listing them.

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