2 Feb 2012

This Weeks Pinterest Finds

So True!(I found an image like this online, but it was tiny, so I remade it in photoshop, feel free to reuse it yourself)
I might start to make my cool Pinterest finds a weekly feature, I find so many great things on this website every day it would be fun to make a highlights post regularly. If you are on Pinterest you can follow me here, or if you would like an invite to join just leave your email address in the comments section.
Strawberry Pillows from The Purl Bee
I think these strawberry pillows are super cute, the pattern looks a tad overly complicated though  as the just look like a giant version of these key rings that I made last year. I'm tempted to adapt my pattern to a larger scale and make some. They would be nice gifts for my nieces.

London Mummy Vintage Skittles

These vintage skittles from London Mummy are from a list of 101 projects to make with fat quarters, which is great as I have tonnes of small bits of fabric and it would be fun to work on some new projects.

Ink Guide Monkey House

At long last here is a proper guide to understanding stamping inks, there are loads of them on the market and to be honest I didn't have a clue what I was buying. This is a long read but well worth the time.

Mixed Media House Necklaces by Junk Garden
I stumbled across this lovely shop with these amazing necklaces.  I love her choice of papers and colours, and there is nothing as cute as a mini house. I'm sorely tempted to buy one, although long necklaces tend not to suit me because of boobs, the necklace tends to hand weirdly.

Cherry Dollface has great vintage hair and make-up tutorials, I definitely have to give some of these a try, although I strongl suspect they will look no way near as good, I also love her tattoos.

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