1 Feb 2012

Limerick Pop-Up Shop Opportunity

I'm REALLY(insanely) excited to announce that I will be heading a craft co-op pop-up shop in Limerick City Centre. This project is being enabled by Creative Limerick(through the Limerick City Council), a scheme that allowed galleries like Occupy Space Limerick and Raggle Taggle to open. The shop will be run as a collective, with the people who sell their work there taking turns working in the shop, which will be led by a core team of organisers. I will be heading this group and doing lots of the ground work to get the project up and running. As with all creative things in these fiscally challenged times it will all be run on a voluntary basis, but money will be made by selling our own work.
We have been promised a city centre location, but the venue is as yet to be fully confirmed. Some of us have already met to discuss the logistics of running this shop and have talked about certain key issues. We have decided that people will pay a minimal monthly contribution towards costs and upkeep, but not pay commission on their sales, but we don't have figures for this at the moment. People will also need to pay towards a once off fee to help outfit the shop. As with any other co-op the more people we have selling their work the better.

So if you are a Limerick based crafter or artist, or if you are a graduate from the art colleges here in the city and you would like to sell your work in our shop we would love to hear from you. Please click on the above images to download and complete the application form, then just email it onto limerickcitycrafthub@gmail.com, please have your application forms in as soon as possible as we are trying to process all forms during this/next week. Also please include 5-10 photos of your work, or a link to a relevant website where your work can be viewed. If your are reading this and you can think of someone who might be interested please let them know, we really want to spread the word about this great new project.

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