20 Feb 2012

What I'm Wearing: A Bow Blouse

I'm feeling a bit brave after my week of sickness. All last week I wore horrible but very comfy clothes, I couldn't wear a bra most of the time because of my tattoo, which I meant was wallowing in frumpsville. I woke up feeling human today and I wanted to wear something girly. 

I'm loving the bow blouses I've been seeing lately but I wanted to buy a good quality vintage one and not one on the high street. I was delighted when I found this royal blue/purple one at the Friday Flea Market, and because I'm a trader I got it for a bargain at only €6! These blouses do have the potential to be become boring conventional office wear, which really doesn't suit me. So I decided to do something a bit daring and dress in all one colour(apart from the fact that I don't have a blue belt of shoes). I find it pretty funny that I have to go to the bank today to sort out a business account for the shop, John thought I was dressing up for them!
Shoes: Black pumps from New Looks €8
Tights: Blue tights Pennies €3
Skirt: Pleated blue skirt with pockets Pennies €5
Belt: Free in a bag of clothes my sister gave me
Blouse: Purple bow blouse The Friday Flea Market €6

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  1. Thanks a million!
    I found myself saying about an outfit the other day,'yeah this is blog worthy'....it's warping my brain! I swear half the time I really do slop about the house dressed like a slob

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