9 Feb 2012

Tattoo Envy

As you all know I'm addicted to Pinterest, on one of my boards I have a collection of yummy tattoos. I'm hoping to book in for my own tattoo in the next few weeks. I have the voucher already so I don't need to worry about the cost, and I also have the idea all worked out. But I'm just a weakling when it comes to pain so I've been putting it off, pathetic I know!!
Here are some of the tats I've been drooling over lately....

I love the old style of these flowers

I love that this looks like a college and not the cliche tattoo style

So delicate and beautiful
This is by Peter Aurische...I love his drawing style it's amazing
There is a weird part of me that wants a Pin-Up tattoo

I love the tattoo but I hate the placement
A pencil will be featured in my new tattoo
I love this but I think the text ruins it
I have no idea what the caption reads but I like the door

I hate when people say,'What will you look like when you're older?'....I think they look beautiful
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  1. Wow, some of these are amazing. The black and white foliage looks like a photograph. I don't think they're for me, but I can appreciate a well drawn, well placed tattoo.

  2. My favorite is the last photo of the two elderly folks. It's funny how people say, "Don't get tattoos because when you're old they will sag and look disgusting!" That photo is proof that that statement isn't true. Their tattoos still look perfect and not dis-orientated at all. Such a beautiful picture. Whether I'm 20, 50, or 95, I will always adore and value the artwork I have on me. :)

  3. The tattoo with the door has a caption in the Ukrainian language. I think it means "the right door." (I'm an American teaching English in Ukraine)

  4. The tattoo with the door has a caption in the Ukrainian Language (I'm an American teaching English in Ukraine). I study Russian, but the languages are very similar. I think it says "The right door."


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