13 Feb 2012

I Bought A Slow Cooker

Cannellini Beans and Sausages

My friends Branden and Mary-Rose have a slow cooker and they are obsessed with it, and kept nagging me to buy one. I really like the idea of bunging all the ingredients in a pot and leaving it for 6 hours, and at the end you have a delicious dinner that didn't really involve any work. I like cooking but like most people I'm pretty strapped for time, so a lot of my meals are quick and easy but not that exciting. I also fell into the trap of cooking the same 8/10 meals in rotation just because I can't think of anything new. Things improved a bit last year when I went on my detox as it forced me to change how I eat and how I think about food.
I found it hard to get healthy recipes, lots of them that I looked at used convenience food like canned soup and pre-made jars of sauce as their base, which to me defeats the purpose of making a healthy dinner as these foods are packed with salt, sugar, stabilisers and preservatives. I'll probably end up making up lots of my own recipes, and figuring it out as I go along. Don't worry if I invent something delicious I'll share it here with you guys. Here are the few that I found that were made from fresh ingredients.

Ps: I got my slow cooker in Tesco for just over €20

Beef Stew


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  1. Ruth, there's good podcast about slowcookers on the radio 1 website. It was in the pat Kenny show a few months back. I found it great when getting to.grips with my.slow.cooker. :)

  2. More power to you! I've been dithering and dothering about getting one for yonks! It also means you can eat more vegetarian ti think (??) as you can just be cooking the beans up with everything else. (I'd eat mainly vegetarian, but that's just from habit)...I might actually follow your fabulously healthy example and get one too....copy cat! Yes I know!!

  3. I've often thought about buying one too - I love dinners that cook while I'm in a different room. It might save all the cleaning that has to be done when I've welded yet another vegetable onto the end of a pot, after getting distracted by something I'm sewing :)

  4. Thanks Claire, I definitely check that out.

    Heckety, glad to be starting a slow revolution, feel free to be a copy cat.

    Chris, welded food is never nice and I'm sure it's pretty bad for your tummy and your pots


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