31 Jul 2012

Button Cluster Necklaces

A couple of weeks ago I made one of these button necklaces for myself. There were some teething problems with the prototype but after I got some new wire in Silkes and ordered some chain online I was much better equipped to tackle making more of them.

I love that each piece is unique with the build up of texture and colour from all the different sizes of buttons. The only down side is that I'm burning through my button collection at a phenomenal rate with all these button projects that I'm doing; something that I never thought was possible with all my 1000's of buttons. Even though I love the brightly coloured ones I think my favourite is the last one as it has a good few wooden, marbled and metal buttons in it that really play off each other well.

At the moment I'm keeping these for the opeing of the Limerick Craft & Design shop but when I get more time I would like to list a few in my Etsy shop and also have a couple on my stall. Since they are so much more time consuming that my other pieces there will be a more limited supply of them. I plan on getting nice gift boxes for them, so I'd say with the pretty packaging I'll charge €30 for them.

If anyone would like to buy one of these before the craft shop opens just leave a comment or an email and I'd be happy to help you out. By the way they are much lighter than they look, I barely notice it when I'm wearing mine.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Beth!!
      I'm more than happy to have an excuse to go out and buy more buttons!

  2. Love these - great idea - hope they sell well :D

    1. Me too! There seem to be enough button addicts out there to warrant me making them


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