25 Jul 2012

What I'm Wearing: 90's Flashback

After my marathon of watching My So Called Life I put together this homage to the Angela Chase look (I'm not really young enough or brave enough to dress like Rayanne Graff). I picked up these denim shorts on sale in A-Wear for only a fiver, they are somewhere between nice and old lady, but they are in fashion so I kinda get away with it. As soon as I put them on with some black tights I knew they had to go with my Docs, hence the MSCL outfit.

At heart I'm still a grunge girl so this aesthetic might be making a reappearance in the near future. It brought back memories of watching my video of Singles repeatedly, making mix tapes for my friends(and drawing artwork for them), saving up my pocket money so I could buy posters, docs, new cds, and books. I was one of those teenagers that hung around Central Bank near Temple Bar every Saturday, it seems like a million years ago, I suppose it kinda was. 

Shoes: Free, I did a swap with a friend
Shorts: A-Wear €5 on sale
Vest: Dunnes €2
Top: Pennies €7
Belt: Free with some trousers
Necklace: a 30th birthday present from a friend
Bag: tweed satchel Pennies €4
Ring: button ring made by me €5
Jacket: checker jacket charity shop €10
Hat: Claire's Accessories €2

Outfit Total: €35

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1 comment:

  1. I absolutely love this. Top to toe perfection! I'm such a 90s girl at hear too. You've inspired me to take out my daisy print Doc Tbars Ruth :)


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