17 Jul 2012

What I'm Wearing: Brown Floral Dress

It's been a long while since I did a What I'm Wearing post, so I thought I would take a pic of this outfit while I had it on. As you know I love clashing prints, so I jazzed up this dress I've had for years with this wide sleeved blouse I picked up last week. I used to wear loads of brown, but now looking at my wardrobe I don't have that much of it anymore, looking at this rusty mixes I must keep an eye out for some more as I quite like it with my hair(which went a shade redder last week).

I'm sure you saw the button necklace post I did already, well this was it's first airing, I'll probably wear it against something plainer in the future but I just couldn't resist the colour combination.

The shoes were a great find, I got them at the Milk Market from my friend Sarah for only €5, aren't they yummy? Herself and another friend Malou did a clear out of their wardrobes and sold their finer pieces, I picked up lots of great goodies from them.

Dress: A-Wear €5, I got it years ago, it's super comfy
Blouse: Pennies €5 in the sale
Belt: Free with another top
Shoes: Milk Market €5
Necklace: made by me, this is the prototype, I've no idea if I'll make more or what I'll charge

Outfit total: €15
Recessionista brownie points: 1,000 000

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