20 Jul 2012

Hotty But Notty: Beck

Hotty But Notty (Part 19): Beck

So it's a given that Beck is a musical genius, I pretty much love everything he does, and he seems to be able to slip between lots of genres with equal ease, ergo he is pretty amazing. He is also as cute as a button in a little boy kinda way, which is not normally my thing but I'll make an exception for him( and Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenburg too). So where is the 'notty' bit coming from you ask?

Well little did I know, until my friend Mark informed me, that he is a Scientologist*. Now I'm not normally one to judge people based on their religious beliefs, but really come on we all know Scientology is for crazy people. Since most of this series has been dedicated to me fancy smart people I find it hard to be attracted to someone who believes in a religion created by a science fiction writer(among other things).

*So is one of my previous entries Giovanni Ribisi, who's sister Beck is married too, weird huh?

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