30 Jul 2012

Lots of New Supplies to Play With

Look what the postman delivered this morning!!

I knew I had to do a major restock of jewellery making supplies, I had run low on pretty much everything. Last week I went on an etsy supplies shopping spree, after lots of searching I found some great new suppliers. I got 100 ball chain necklaces and really pretty polka dot ribbon and buttons from twpmango. Since I'm paying for shipping to Ireland I look for shops that do good deals on their secondary shipping and I try to buy multiple items from the same shop to try to save money. 

I made some simple button necklaces a while back that have been selling really well, but I never knew what to search for when buying the disc that you glue the button to. After much searching I eventually figured out the name for what I needed to make my button necklaces, bails, I got them from studio29 supplies, and they are a much better price than what I got before.

 Pretty soon after I made my shrink plastic wine charms I decided to make some charm bracelets, using the same templates that I had designed. After much searching and price/quality comparisons I found these blank charm bracelets and a few other bits and bobs from Small Parts. I think these supplies will be the first ones I play with as I really excited to see how they turn out. Who knew when I discovered shrink plastic about two years ago that I would become completely addicted to it, and create a whole new range of work!! I also got some basic chain so that I can make more of these button necklaces to sell. The brown one I made for myself got lots of compliments when I wore it out so that was a good sign that they would sell well. I got the proper wire in Silkes and now they just need to be finished off with some chain. I already have about 6 of them made and ready to go.

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