26 Jul 2012

Glasses, n' Hats, and Bargains, Oh My!

I caught the bargain bug earlier in the week on my pound shop shopping spree. I was wandering down Cruises Street when I bumped into my friend Dee who works in Claire's Accessories, in a super nice moment she shortened her lunch break to accompany me on a little browse around their sale. You can get 10 items for €10, how could I pass up an offer like that??! At first glance I thought I wasn't going to see enough that I liked but after a bit of rummaging and trying on every hat in the shop I found lots of hidden goodies.

It's kinda embarrassing to admit that I bought hipster glasses but I fell in love with these so I bought them, and a little part of me died on the inside. I do actually need to get real glasses quite badly, I just need to save up a few quid and make an appointment. I'll ask if I can get lenses put into these frames, apparently that's something that they can do. I lost my large brown sunglasses last year, I already have a great pair of duck egg ones but they don't suit brown clothes so I needed a new pair. These are large and fabulous but don't have any bling on them, which I really dispise.

I also got these two hats, they are not the normal style that I go for but I thought I could risk being adventurous at that price. The larger brown hat will go really well with a floaty Summer dress. I'm not so thrilled about the monstrous bobble on the beige one, but I can replace it with something much nicer very easily.

On top of all that I picked up some plain hair bands(10 in total), I've been meaning to order a bunch online for ages as I want to make button hair bands. I also got a pair of laces black tights(you can never have to many pairs of tights!) and two bottles of crackle nail polish. I've never tried using them before, but I've gotten into painting my nails lately so I thought I would give it a bash, they are lovely shades of cerulean blue and lime green.

As I said I got all this for €10, the sale price would have been about €40 but Dee said that the total original price would have been over €90!!

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