23 Jul 2012

Beating the Recession One Shopping Trip at a Time

I'm a big fan of pound shops(I know we got rid of punts years ago but I just can't bring myself to call them euro stores, it's wrong!). Back when I was in college I had a love affair with Mary's of Limerick, then they closed their doors forever and the bargain hunters cried for it's loss. Then we got the €2 Store, where everything is, you guessed it, €2; my thrifty love affair was rekindled. Then when Dealz (where everything is only €1.49) opened William St got an even bigger boost in becoming a bargain hunters Mecca. From there it kinda snowballed, with loads of tacky homeware shop popping up, add into the mix 4 charity shops and it now one of my favourite shopping streets. Although there is the a really dodgy bus stop that seems to attract very scary people, I usually cross the street at that point(which gives me a good excuse to go into Awear).

On Sunday I popping in to get some tape, but due to my chronic hungover stage I went a little mad and got loads of other stuff too; there is nothing like a bit of low budget retail therapy to make a girl feel better!!

My booty:
100 sheets of sticker paper
24 sheets of canvas paper
4 sheets of magnetic paper
10 laminating pouches
4 rolls of cellotape
19 padded envelopes of various sizes
sesame oil
terry's orange chocolate(it's not terry's it's mine!!)
36 large stickers(perfect for card making)
I save the best til last....
Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters unabridged on audio book (only €1.49 wtf???)

Total: €31.23

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