28 Jan 2013

1" Badges Coming Very Soon!

I've been toying with the idea of getting a 1 inch badge maker for ages now, pretty much since I got my 2 inch one. But I was always put off by the extra investment; it's a whole new machine, cutter, and set of parts for a the smaller size. Even though the larger badges sell well as party favours, and they do pretty ok with my own designs too a lot of people wanted the smaller ones. If I'm totally honest I agree with them, in my heart I love the original 1 inch design, it's small, elegant and much more wearable, especially in multiples. Because of the the limited space it forces you to make an immediate impact, kind of like a haiku poem, short but effective. 

After much hemming and hawing I took the plunge and ordered my machine! I got 1000 badge parts, and also a new range of 1 inch earrings and rings, which I think will be loads of fun to play with. Looking at the maths I won't make as big a return on them, but I'm hoping due to popularity that they will sell better. I also want to sell them in themed sets like the ones below. A lot of people tend to wear them in grouped sets on their lapel, this way I can design and sell them in groups- also I think the packaging looks super cute!

My machine should be arriving in the next few days, eek!! You will find me surgically attached to my computer coming up with lots of new designs. I'm still deciding on pricing, the norm seems to be €1 each and  either a deal for a set of 3 or 6. After I do more research I'll figure out my wholesale prices too, but for the moment it's all about making pretty badges.

It's at this moment that I'm remembering my 16 year old self who went shopping every weekend in Dublin, drooling over the oodles of 1" badges, and adorned my army surplus jackets with them. I think my younger self would be rather pleased that I own two badge makers and a t-shirt transfer machine, and that I make some sort of a living out of it.

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  1. Awesome idea!! I used to have zillions of mini smiley face badges!


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