30 Jan 2013

A Blog Hug, Sharing the Love

I was kinda wondering what to blog about today when I popped over to Decor8 where she suggested that we show the love to all the bloggers. It's baffling when you think of the millions of hours spent writing content, mostly for free, by and endless amount of bloggers, just because they love it. Some of it's good, some of it awful, a lot of it is boring, but a huge chunk is really inspiring, quirky and creative. I am guilty of popping into a blog, reading and running away without saying hi, I'm a sporadic commenter at best.

So I just wanted to give a shout out to some blogs that I read that I may not have mentioned before. If you want to pass on the love, tweet or blog about your favourite blogs. Decor8 has asked to use #bloghug if you are tweeting about it and she will Pin your blog post.

This lady does some pretty wacky things with upcycling clothes, not all of which turn out fantastic, but I always learn a lot from her techniques and to be honest I'm astounded at how many pieces she does. I pop in now and then and catch up on old posts, and I'm sure to really like about half of them. If you are in any way into thrifting and upcycling clothes then this is blogger gold.

I think The Vagenda is one of my favourite blogs at the moment. It's topical, funny, and written by women who have a real voice for other intelligent women(and men). If you hadn't guessed already it's a feminist blog that talks about the media, women's portrayal, and curent discussion for a feminist point of view. It also questions what it means to be a feminist, and how it's become a dirty word. This is one of the few blogs that I regularly comment on, becuase it makes me angry, starts discussions I care about, or just makes me laugh a lot.

Other people astound me with the rate of their productivity, they also make me feel a little lazy. Punk Projects is one of those blogs. Katie does tonnes of really different craft tutorials, I like her style and the how-to's are easy to follow. Just a darned good craft blog.

This is such a simple idea, six graphic novel artists do a blog post each for every day of the week (I'm tempted to do a when Harry Met Sally quote here, 'They don't make Sunday, because, you know, God'). They just show what they are working on at the moment, sometimes it's a work in progress, sometimes it's a tiny sketch like this one. It's a fantastic look behind the scenes. I've been reading it for years and it's great to see these guys work progressing.

Lastly, but probably not very surprisingly a blog dedicated to button love! She doesn't post all that often, but I do love them when they pop up on my news feed. A happy place for all button addicts like me!

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  1. I love, love, love hearing about new to me blogs! I think Punk Projects will definitely be going on my reader list :)

    1. I find loads of new blogs through Pinterest, I make sure to start following them though or else I just forget

  2. This is a DEADLY idea!!! I'm gona do a post on this later and I'll tweet all evening about it! YEAH!

  3. Hi, I read your comment over at decor8 and hopped over to your blog - the other blogs you suggested sound fabulous, I'll definitely check out the vagenda! Hugs! L.

  4. Thanks, and thanks for the hug :-) you can never have too many!

  5. You know I'd popped by Refashionista once before but totally forgot about it- thanks for posting it here! And the others, I love finding new reading :)

    What a super idea too. Thanks Ruth x


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