29 Jan 2013

Limerick Graffiti Artist LUAS

Do you like my new piece of art? I love it! I bought it for myself during Christmas at the Milk Market, it was a steal at only €20. It's by Limerick based graffiti artist LUAS(Limerick Urban Art Stencil). You can see lots of his work dotted around the city, but he also sells his works on canvas and card at really reasonable prices in the Milk Market.

When I fist saw his work it was mostly one colour like the Walt(Heisenberg) piece below(which I very nearly bought. But to be honest I much prefer his new work in which he layers really garishly coloured textures and scratches back into them. I fell in love with this Wonder Woman piece as soon as I saw it, I'm a firm believer in buying something nice for myself each Christmas(I figure I work hard enough, I deserve it!).

LUAS Facebook Page

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