15 Jun 2009

Great News

As my regular readers may have noticed I have been distinctly off the radar as of late. Well the reason is some very good news. Do you remember me saying that there was a shop interested in my stuff but things were all up in the air so I wasn't getting excited yet...well I'm in the middle of making a large order for said shop. I hope to finish this mamoth tast within a month, fingers crossed I don't lose my sanity before then. The shop is in Kilkenny which is great because I'll be reaching a whole different catchment area of people and it's quite the tourist spot too. I'm equally daunted and excited by this new venture, it's a big step to take on supplying another shop, but it could be just the thing I need. The woman who owns the shop couldn't be nicer, and I feel this could be really great for the business.
So I'll be more than a little sporadic in my posting over the next while... but it's all in the name of art man!


  1. yay! thats great news, well done

  2. Congratulations, Kilkenny is such a great shopping town.

  3. wow thats great! congrats!x

  4. That is fantastic Ruth!!

    I knew you must have been busy.

    It's my dream to have my things in a shop. You should be very proud!

    So happy for you! :)


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