4 Jun 2009

Super Helper Elf

I'm back and I have recovered from my holidays, magically we got the most beautiful weather that Ireland has seen in years. Unfortunately I got horribly burnt on my hands so I was unable to do anything for a few days when I got back, but all is back to near normal now, just a few stubbourn blisters left.
I just finished my first day with my new apprentice/helper Una, she is great, we got loads done. I decided it was high time I updated my Etsy shop, so we spent the day taking photos, measuring garments, and writing out descriptions. Unfortunately my internet connection decided to have a hormonal fit and it's only working in fits and spurts. So here are some photos of the things I'll be listing in the shop over the next few days. It is such a relief that we got my whole collection ocumented, I never would have been able to get it done by myself.


  1. The tartan skirt is adorable! And so's the cardgian with the buttons - I'm such a sucker for buttons.

  2. Ooo, I got the sunburn on my knees and feet, haha. Terribly inconvenient to get it on your hands when you're a crafter. Glad it's getting better though.

    And yay for having a helper!

    I agree, that skirt is just too cute!

  3. Thanks about the skirt, I've had it on the stall a while and I haven't really had much interest in it.
    Ugh knees and feets, that horrible...although I once got burnt on the soles of my feet, as I was lying on my stomach...as you can tell I burn easily!


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