21 Jun 2009

I'm Puzzled

I'm rather baffled by something...
As you know I listen to lots of audiobooks while I'm sewing. At present I'm nearly finished a Ben Elton book called Blast From the Past (which is only OK). It's from the library and must be a few years old because it's on casette tape.

Here is the strange thing. Whenever I have to go onto the next tape I have to rewind to the start. All 8 tapes are like this. That means that somebody listened to one side of all the tapes, or weirdly rewound the B-side to annoy the next listener(me!).

Can any of you think of another reason for this??
Update: Don't bother reading or listening to this book, ok maybe listen to it if you are really bored, but on the whole I wished I had chosen any other book than this one. What a truely dreadful ending.

1 comment:

  1. hi ruth i found you at last . is poke to you before i own the shop under sesi in dublin. drop in some time your around. i love your blog. i'm dying to hear how youget on with the wiifit as i was thinking of getting one.


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