20 Jun 2009


We had a really lovely evening last night, although I did work a little later than I meant to. We went for a beautiful meal in the Cornstore, if anyone reading this is in Limerick I would highly recommend it. I've been there a few times at this stage and the food and service has always been excellent. I would specifically recommend the crab claws. The only disappointment is that they have a very unappealing dessert menue, it's my favourite part of the meal and I didn't order any. We followed this with a few quiet drinks in the local, it was a perfectly low key birthday, exactly what I wanted.
I got a deadly present offf John...a Wii Fit! I've been thiking about getting one of these for ages, more so to make the Wii fun again as I had gotten a bit bored with it. It was quite funny when I told my mother what he got me, I don't think she really understands what they are and she got the impression it was akin to an ab-roller( a rather insulting birthday present in my opinion). Sadly I don't look like the beautifully poised lady on the box yet, but maybe soon, just without the verdant glow.


  1. haha, she does have a glow about her.

    That's an awesome present. Would love to hear how you like it once you've had it a while.

    Glad you had a nice birthday! :)

  2. ah, wii fit is so much fun. enjoy!

  3. A wii-fit once told me that I was obese. Since then I have started a low key campaign to end them.

    That you are only hearing about this now is testament to how low key it is.

    now with blogging


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