24 Jun 2009

Ennis Order

I't been a pretty busy few weeks, but I finished the Ennis order(not the mamoth Kilkenny order, that's still on the boil), here are a couple of pictures of a dress and a coat that I did. Hopefully I'll have time to take more photos tomorrow before I pack them away for delivery. I also finished the mother of the bride dress I was making. I was one of the most difficult pieces I've ever worked on but I'm delighted with it and I think the customer is going to be really pleased. It's great to meet a client first because then I have some idea of how far I can go with something. In this case the lady is beautifully eccentric, so I knew I could go really mad with it. It's quite Helena Bonham-Carter and I love it.
Ps: Are all you lovely Irish folk enjoying the disgustingly muggy weather at the moment? I thought I was going to die of the heat today in work.


  1. You have some really outrageous Mother of the Bride outfits featured here! I bet you have great fun sewing them up - very original!


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